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Justin Forsyth, then CEO of Save the Children, speaking in 2015.
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Global Goals

thảm chống trơnAn ex-Save the Children exec has resigned from Unicef following allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Justin Forsyth says he is stepping down "because of the danger of damaging both Unicef and Save the Children."

He was investigated twice while working at Save the Children.

A former chief executive of Save the Children
 has resigned from his role at Unicef
 following allegations of inappropriate behaviour. 

Justin Forsyth
 said he was stepping down "with heavy heart", not because of his Retour past mistakes, but "because of the danger of damaging both Unicef and Save the Children".

He has previously admitted making "some personal mistakes" during his time at Save the Children.

Mr Forsyth was twice subject to investigation at the charity after concerns were raised about his conduct in 2011 and again in 2015 involving three women. It has since apologised to the female employees and admitted their claims were not properly dealt with at the time.

Announcing his resignation, Mr Forsyth said in a statement: "With heavy heart, I am today tendering my resignation to Unicef as Deputy Executive Director. I want to make clear I am not resigning from Unicef because of the mistakes I made at Save the Children.

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