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Chakras are the energy centers of your body. We are composed of a colorful chakra system and an aura which includes many levels or fields" of energy that surround our body. Most explain the feelings of ease, lighter, spiritual cleanse, heavy, spiritual serenity, feelings of relaxation and feelings of lifted awareness (third eye awakening), peace and purity.

The healthier the chakra, the more energy we attract. These energy centers are believed to be located at specific points between the base of the spine and the top of the skull. Imagine each day waking up feeling healthy and physically well. You cannot choose to work on the crown without strengthening your root chakra (located between your legs).

Chakras are the pillars of energy and vital centers which transmit the life force to various parts of the body through nadis. When your chakras are in balance, you feel, well… balanced. The keywords or the purpose of Sacral Chakra is mentioned in the literature as life energy and creativity.

A combination of pain reduction, relaxation, improved body circulation, cellular rejuvenation through reflexology, head & face massage together with a crystal healing massage, you get the most perfect Chakra balancing in Bali. It is important to take care of our Chakra system with the same love and concern that we do our physical body.

Thus, the Chakras are balanced. The Chakra Balancing techniques are a holistic way to accelerate your body's own natural healing process. The practice of Reiki, (Japanese for Universal Life Energy) supports us in cultivating awareness, sensitivity, and regular utilization of the healing aspect of this sacred energy.

Internally contracted diseases are often triggered by imbalances in the organs or in the energy, blood and body fluids released by those organs. When your Crown Chakra is balanced you have a strong empathy for others because you know that they are a part of you.

This descending or manifesting current of energy moves us from the world of mind and spirit and helps us manifest ideas into the physical world. Even though some people have a hard time with the concept of chakras, it is a commonly used system. In the same way, our chakras must be in balance and aligned with each other.

The very word "Chakra" is a Sanskrit term that means "Wheels of Light." These wheels of energy are continuously revolving in and through our energy system. Chakras are energy centers which pool positive, negative and neutral electricity in certain parts of our body.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to balance your Third Eye Chakra because it is both a mental and spiritual exercises. Please click on a specific Chakra for detailed information on each and how you can begin to bring balance to each, healing your life.

For example, root chakra imbalances related to money problems are as common as white bread. Energy flows freely horizontally: each chakra exchanges energy freely with the cosmos. Various approaches may be used to "balance" the chakras. As our energetic portals to health and wholeness, the chakras are the energy centers of our life force.

Chronic stress, trauma, conflict and unaddressed issues create chakra imbalances that lead to significant physical, emotional and mental health problems. Pause a moment, then inhale white energy from the sky back through your crown into the bottom of your heart.

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