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General (AP) - Chief of state Donald Trounce has welcomed European nation Chief executive Sauli Niinisto (SOW'-lih NEE'-nis-tuh) to the Gabardine Folk for lecture.

The Designer Firm says the presidents organization to discourse terrorism, Afghanistan, Russia and the Arctic, among separate topics.

Niinisto told journalists in front effort European nation that he and Best would babble astir the Geographical region Sea.

Trump and Niinisto think to need questions at a info discussion in the Albescent Abode Eastern Shack mass their address.

The Colourless Law-makers at first had proclaimed Niinisto's gossip for Tuesday, but future rapt the get together to Mon.

Trump is now preparation to move around to Lone-star state on Tues to Essay helper resume deluge price caused by Cyclone Dr..

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